Training from PeachMac


Our three levels of PeachPlus training will give you just the right amount of attention to suit your needs. 

The PeachPlus Basic plan gives you one-hour of with our highly qualified trainers for just $29.99.

With PeachPlus Essential you receive three hours of undivided of PeachMac Trainer attention so you can learn what you need to know to handle your Mac device like a pro, only $59.99 for three one-hour sessions. 

When you purchase a Mac or iPad at PeachMac, you can take advantage of our PeachPlus Premium membership for $119.99. PeachPlus Premium members get up to one hour of one-on-one training sessions six times per year, priority service and complimentary service loaners, as well as a free data transfer (for computer purchases only). 

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