Waterproof Gadgets for Summer Fun

Have fun by the pool or at the lake without worry about your Apple devices getting wet. PeachMac has a selection of waterproof accessories to help add a little splash to your summer.

DryBuds Sport Waterproof Earbuds: Get the most out of your morning swim with these waterproof headphones. Designed with active swimmers in mind, an over ear clip keeps the buds from flying out and a waterproof microphone makes answering calls easy. $39.99

Boom Urchin: This water-resistant speaker is fully equipped for any kind of activity. Take it along on a bike ride, attach it to your backpack to jam out during a mountain hike or play your favorite hits while building a sandcastle on the beach; with this speaker, the music never has to stop. $149.99

Otterbox Drybox 3000: Never worry again about taking your iPhone along on an outdoor adventure. This case is waterproof, crushproof and airtight, giving your valuables the ultimate protection they deserve for only $19.99.

Scosche boomBOTTLE: This rugged weatherproof speaker can be taken virtually anywhere. Its unique bottle shape makes it the perfect addition to any bike ride; just slide it into your bike’s water bottle cage and peddle away! $149.99

LifeProof LifeJacket: LifeJacket adds an extra layer of protection to your iPhone when paired with a LifeProof case. If you drop your phone in the lake while these handy products protect it, it will be waterproof and float! No diving to the bottom of the lake after your phone this summer! $39.99

Eton Rugged Rukus: With this solar powered sound system all you need is the sun to get the party started. It is designed to generate enough energy to play your favorite tunes all day long. The speaker is also drop-proof and water resistant making it an ideal accessory for a long day by the pool. $99.99

Stop by any PeachMac location to snag these and other must-have summer accessories!